Service Capabilities

Crane Work

  • Lifts:
    • Standard
    • Critical/Complex
    • Heavy
  • Rigging Equipment:
    • Below the Hook
    • Alternative Load Handling

Contract Lifting

  • Hourly/Daily
  • Specialized/Dedicated
  • Long Term
  • Whole Project


  • Specialized
  • Over-Dimensional
  • Logistics
  • Storage

Crane + Rigging Work

We have lift managers who carefully plan projects. No matter how complex the lifting and rigging, transportation, installing large and heavy structures, it can be done by MCS. We strive to improve construction efficiency and be engaged as a team to safely execute each plan for uptime.

MCS’s services revolve around our core capability of crane work. Performing at a consistent high level of competency is our focus. We have invested in cranes and rigging equipment to meet the needs of our coverage area by strategically choosing crane models suited for all lifting projects. From the simplest to most complicated project, MCS is committed to providing you with a plan, cranes and our expertise in completing your project. With a mobilization fleet of trucks and trailers we are independent of a third party to haul our counterweights.

We are dedicated to supplying optimal methods for virtually every crane and rigging project from take off to placement. Our professional, experienced crane operators overcome gravity’s pull and create movement in a controlled manner to complete your projects cost effectively and safely.

MCS takes great pride in completing high and heavy lifts that require innovative engineering plans before performing the project. We are a crane service who understands how physical dynamics, engineering and human connection are involved with each kind of load, lift and placement.

Specialized Contract Lifting

MCS will negotiate and supply any type of crane service for your specialized lift. A contract with MCS ensures the provision of the right crane for your project, personnel assigned to your lift, and engineered plans to ensure continued safety for the lifting and environment.

When a yard is needed to be located near your geographical area we will provide it at your doorstep and ONLY yours. This type of service works best for energy companies looking for rig moving, completions, and other crane related activities needing cranes on call at any moment without having to be concerned with logistics.

We have the capabilities to do specialized lifting for long-term maintenance on turbines in the wind energy market. Currently, we are servicing over 100 wind turbines with the plan to expand our maintenance of turbines in our coverage area.

When MSC takes on a project we take on a relationship with you and keep the lines of communication open to meet your custom lift needs. We understand the importance of keeping things moving within a project to facilitate the quickest and safest completion of your project. We are available to serve you and your industry need.

Logistics + Storage

Mansfield Crane Service lifts, loads, and provides the necessary planning and oversight to reach a destination. Our team works together, each one taking their role, and is committed to safe delivery to your destination. We will source equipment varying from oilfield trucks and trailers, to SPMT’s.

MCS actively seeks out and continually builds relationships with experienced partners for the purpose of transfer and hauling loads. With trusted and reliable partners we can supply oversize and overweight road support to relocate any load. Every partner is audited to meet our HSE standards and selected for their expertise and experience in the field.

MCS also provides safe, well-maintained yards for storage, with varying levels of security and insurance upon request. We have a system in place to manage your inventory and track all items while placed in our care. There are also options for customers who need to meet their own deadlines for completing projects and need a suitable place of storage close to the project. It can be managed for an agreed period of time by MCS.

Lift Engineering and Management

  • Consult-Design
  • Planning
  • Drafting & 3D Modeling
  • Project Management

Your business and Our business is about T.I.M.E.

Technological and engineered safety plans combined with the capability of our equipment and extensive experience optimizes your project to its proficient finish

Intelligent Actions and Investments in safety solutions and optimal reliability for a safer, faster, and more cost effective service

Management of single lifts to complex innovative projects requiring an engineers stamp of approval

Energy for every aspect of your project; bringing all resources together in a single coordinated effort


Core Markets


  • Oil + Gas
    • Upstream
      • Rig Moving
      • Completions
      • Production
    • Midstream
      • Compression
      • Transmission
    • Downstream
      • LNG, CNG, Refinery, Petrochemical
  • Wind

Mining + Aggreate

  • Quarry
  • Cement + Aspahalt


  • Bridges
  • Communication Towers
  • Utilities
  • Civil


  • Foundries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Cryogenic Gases


  • Tilt Wall
  • Steel Erection
  • HVAC
  • Modular


Oil + Gas

Drilling + Exploration

Energy is the new currency and MCS is plugged in. Our company has been on the scene from the beginning and continues to move head on into the future of the oil and gas industry. We have been operating in the natural gas fields for over 17 years now, well before the boom in natural gas extraction. MCS provides all necessary cranes and rigging equipment including spreader bars for derricks making a complete rig-moving package. We were on the scene in early 2000, helping to drill the Trenton Black River Shale and we were the first to set up Phoenix Rig 5 that drilled the first Marcellus test well in 2007.

MCS is experienced in the upstream industry and has moved 50+ rigs in our area of operation. We have rigged down mobilization and rigged up every style of drilling rig. Our team works with impressive productivity and safety for every project. We have moved an entire “double box triple” drilling rig over a 25 mile move in 1.5 days working daylight only. We are a diligent, vigilant, hard working team.

Well Completion + Intervention

MCS has been active in completions work with wire lines, coil and tubing spreads, well fracturing, and intervention work. We have devised special pricing contracts for jobs requiring a considerable number of hours to complete. We have a great understanding of this work needing 24/7 crews on-hand at a moments notice and are able to provide such services. MCS’s cranes can be set up one time and reach multiple wells on a pad without moving, making the project more cost effective and increasing uptime.

Production + Midstream

Midstream activities include setting reciprocating and turbine compressors, dehydration towers, and pipeline work with major upgrades in gathering and transmission stations. Since 2005, MCS has set close to 250 compressors, set up four 155,000 lb compressor skids and 45,000 lb cooler packages per day per location with one crane. This workload is possible because MCS provides its own cranes, mobilization trucks, rigging equipment and personnel.


Currently we service over 100 wind turbines and plan to expand maintenance of turbines in our coverage area.


Our area is growing at a fast pace and MCS is proud to be able to serve our community by making it a better place for future generations. With the best team and equipment we have been involved with building bridges, erecting communication towers, constructing educational buildings, and working on life sustaining resources like water treatment plants and electrical grid enlargements.

There is great future potential for roadwork in our area of operations with government-backed opportunities for improving the infrastructure. We have completed several bridge beams and box culverts by implementing two crane lifts for the heaviest jobs. One of the most exciting projects we work on is tower erecting. Reaching hundreds of feet in the air, we lift towers for cell phone coverage, microwave communication and have even built new radar installations used to protect our country.


Our area of operation is home to many factories, foundries, and research centers. In today’s world of “gotta have it now” we understand you cannot afford down time. MCS is available for the NOW. We are a trusted company to plan and execute the customized processes needed to keep your industry’s productivity at its peak.

Foundries, petrochemical plants, and material generation have a high and harsh demand on their equipment and need regular maintenance. MCS is available to help keep you up and running when machines need to be repaired, moved and maintained. Getting on a schedule with MCS for your routine maintenance is a great plan.

The light industrial companies producing parts and equipment must keep on functioning to keep the revenue coming, not only for your company but also for the companies you provide parts for. Every piece of machinery needs to run efficiently and MCS can help you with those heavy loads when machines need to be moved and repaired or maintained. When work is done in research centers it is protected. Our customers can count on a quick response, a quality workforce, customization of jobs, and access to top management.

Company Profile

Experienced Personnel


  • Lift Planners
  • Lift Director
  • QHSE
  • 24/7 Dispatch


  • State Licensed
  • NCCCO Certified
  • Certified in Rigging


  • Certified in Rigging
  • Qualified in Signaling


Trapper Wyman and his father, the late Edward Wyman, founded Mansfield Crane Service in 1998. It has been their commitment from the beginning to serve Pennsylvania and Upstate New York with particular interest in the Marcellus, Utica, and TBR shale plays. With high quality, safe, fast and cost effective lifting, rigging and transport.

Vision + Mission

Mansfield Crane Service will be the premier mid size crane service in the infrastructure, energy, and industrial markets with the highest performance in safety and management of lifting, engineering, and logistics.

Mansfield Crane Service is an industry leader in providing safe, fast, and cost effective lifting, rigging, and transport for our customers. Our company accomplishes this by adhering to and putting into practice our values of Safety for everyone, Intelligent Actions, Quality of Craftsmanship, and Smart Growth.


Our success is made possible by our respected and appreciated employees at all levels within the company. Each employee respects the opportunity to work with other experienced co-workers who take pride in working together as valued team members. The owner/management team works in the field and recognize employees for their commitment and dedication to quality work. Since MCS values their employees, they are known to pay the highest wages in the area with benefits and offer job security regardless of trends, to employees who are committed to the company.

Our personnel are trained to fill multiple roles in every aspect of each project with competent workers who know the importance of safely carrying out a fast, responsive service to our customers. Quality is driven throughout MCS with day to day quality control maintained by experienced site managers. Performance is monitored throughout a project with regular collection and audits of the team performance in accordance with established specifications and standards.

It is our goal to finish your project with an energy devoted to first and foremost HSE safety, quality, getting it right the first time, delivering on time for quicker uptime, customizing services to fit your needs and striving for 100% customer satisfaction to build lasting valuable relationships.


Mansfield Crane Service serves the New York and Pennsylvania region and includes eastern Ohio and West Virginia. We are able to serve these areas with a commitment to customer satisfaction and keeping our dedicated team close to home

Health, Safety + Environmental

Safety Overview

Health, Safety, and Environmental concerns are a top priority for Mansfield Crane Service. MCS has over 20 years of experience and has implemented sophisticated levels of training required for complex lifting and rigging, mobility and safety. Safety starts with our culture of safety throughout the company along with formal training in current technology, state licensing of operators, continuing education for all employees, site inspections, and the planning of proper execution of lift procedures. Our company operates from a formal safety plan, collects data, reviews operations, and makes improvements based on facts and figures to protect all involved; our employees, our customers, and our equipment. We are committed to quality performance leading us in keeping safe throughout each project.

Our HSE manager is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards to ensure our customers are personally advised of requirements for their work site and meets individually with customers to discuss the specifics for their project.

MCS is able to supply well-maintained machines with our full-time mechanic keeping every piece of equipment in top-notch condition with scheduled maintenance and adherence to safety measures.

Every crane operator, rigger, and truck driver holds a CCO certification being qualified to operate crane equipment and is trained and instructed in safety procedures. Everyone on the MCS team is committed to carrying out safe procedures. All go out on the field equipped and committed to do their job safely. MCS invests in continual training, licensing, and certification to make today safer than yesterday.

When MCS discovers a new way of approaching an HSE issue, we adopt company wide solutions and all are on board with implementing what is best for the whole company workforce. We also believe in sharing our strategies with other companies in a cooperative spirit when it comes to safety. It is what brings us all home safe every day from the job site.

Safety Mission

A priority of Mansfield Crane Service is quality workmanship, which leads to the prevention of accidental injury and safety of its employees along with every person on the work site. We have created a culture of implementing safety as a team, caring about excellence and a commitment to zero accidental personal injuries and environmental incidents. We actively seek out safe operations by not only complying with and implementing local, state, and federal safety regulations but also seeking ways to go above and beyond for excellence.

We value great employees who strive for continuous improvement in safety practices, which consequently increases productivity and fosters a culture where new ideas are welcome. All levels of management and employees have the responsibility and authority to “Stop Work” in the event they believe they, their co-workers, other personnel or the public might be at risk or in danger, they deem that there is risk or danger to the safe operation of machinery or facilities, or hazardous materials could be released and harmful to persons or environment. With quality and excellence as our goals, Safety describes how MCS does business.

Environmental Policy

Mansfield Crane Service recognizes and takes responsibility to reduce our environmental impact beyond regulatory requirements. Therefore, our company is committed to preserving natural resources and ensuring a future for our children by reducing our environmental impact.

We believe that environmental stewardship leads to economic benefits for our company and our customers.

MCS is committed to sustainable work practices

  • Reducing waste by examining our consumption of products for the maintenance of our infrastructure
  • Reducing the amount of travel to conserve fuel and reduce emissions
  • Using our observational safety method to avoid any potential spills. In the event of a spill, MCS will implement a formal plan with steps for cleanup and informing the proper authorities while following all laws stipulated in our employee training manual.

MCS’s smart environmental and safety protocols are at the core of business decisions, daily operations, and ongoing review of practices.

MCS Owned And Operated Fleet

350 Ton Long Boom

Grove GMK 6350L with 263’ main boom and 121’ hydraulic offset lattice extension.


300 Ton

Grove GMK 5300L with 230’ main boom 121’ lattice offset lattice extension


275 Ton (Multiple Units Available)

Grove GMK 5275 with 223’ Main Boom and 121’ hydraulic offset lattice extension.


165 Ton

Grove GMK 5165 with 197’ main boom and 105’ hydraulic offset lattice extension.


115 Ton (Multiple Units Available)

Grove GMK 4115 with 171’ main boom and 89’ hydraulic offset lattice extension.

Grove TMS 9000-2 with 169’ main boom and 57’ hydraulic offset lattice extension.


55 Ton (Multiple Units Available)

National NBT 55 with 128’ main boom and 45’ extension .

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