Oil & Gas
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Drilling & Exploration

Energy is the new currency and we are plugged in. We have been operating in the natural gas fields for 12 years—well before the boom in natural gas extraction. MCS was on the scene in New York in early 2000, helping to drill the Trenton Black River Shale. We were the first to set up Phoenix Rig 5 that drilled the first Marcellus test well in 2007. Our company has been on the scene from the beginning and is moving head-on into the future. MCS operates upstream by moving 50+ rigs in our area of operation. MCS provides all necessary cranes and rigging equipment including spreader bars for derricks making a complete rig-moving package. MCS has rigged down mobilized and rigged up every style of drilling rig in our area of operation. MCS has moved an entire “double box triple” drilling rig on a 25 mile move in 1.5 days working daylight only. Our employees arrive on-site ready to work.

Well Completion & Intervention

MCS has been active in completions work with wire line; coil tubing and snubbing spreads, well fracturing and intervention work. We have devised special pricing contracts for jobs that require considerable number of hours to complete. We also understand that this work is 24/7 and have crews on-hand at a moment’s notice. MCS’s large cranes can be set up one time and will reach multiple wells on a pad without moving, thus lowering costs for our customers.

Production & Midstream

Midstream production includes setting reciprocating and turbine compressors, dehydration towers, and pipeline work with major upgrades in gathering and transmission stations of our area. Since 2005 MCS has set close to 250 compressors in our area. MCS has setup four 155,000 lbs compressor skid and 45,000 lbs cooler packages per day per location with one crane. This workload is possible because MCS provides its own cranes, mobilization trucks, rigging equipment and personnel.